Abused Chihuahua Receives A Hug From a Volunteer For This Reason… Heartwarming!

March 26, 2017 VIDEOS


Some of the pets at the local shelter are victims of animal cruelty. Many people buy or adopt pets without the slightest clue they are promoting animal cruelty.

Most of the pups are from puppy mills. The puppy mills are a torture chamber to the dogs. Instead of allowing the dogs tonurse their puppies for a while, people take the puppies away. Also, the puppies are brought up in a dirty environment. The dogs are then impregnated, ready for the next litter of puppies.

In the footage below, one rescued pup had morbid fears for humans. Harleigh,a Chihuahua with floppy years, has never known human love. The cute dog cannot even look at her rescuer’s face. The dog recoils at the corner of her cage when someone comes close to her. However, the volunteer does something that will warm your heart.

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