A year has Passed since These Kittens were Found under The House. Now you Need to Meet them

July 3, 2020 VIDEOS


Over a year ago, a Reddit user heard RedArremerAce and his roommate making noise under their house. Their discovery allowed two babies to live a happy and healthy life, and the story of the rescue and growth of these cats became viral.
The next day, when he was on the road, RedArremerAce again heard a noise. “I decided to go to the place because it was shining next to me. He beat me to enter my room and said: “Oh! “He turned his head and said:” This is a kitten. ”

Previously, RedArremerAce was not easy because he did not study the noise in more detail.

He explained: “Yesterday I felt that I wanted to do more for the investigation. I hurried into the creeping space and saw a flashlight on my mobile phone. Inside the pot was a small, precious black bead. Still closing her eyes, she snored and cried out loudly. ”

But there was another surprise in store for the two rescuers when they heard more sounds from the other side of the crawl space. It was another kitten! They brought the babies inside to get them warm and clean and to find some way to feed them.

“At that moment, I searched the Internet and saw how other people have adapted to this situation before,” he said. “From the guide to her life to the discussion on the forums, it is likely that her mother herself will not receive food, and she would be better off if we let her decide for herself.” said RedArremerAce.

“We talked about this and decided that if there is a mother, she should not be together for a while because she is hungry and dirty,” she said.

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