A woman captured the moment a moose appeared to be running on water next to her boat

November 15, 2020 VIDEOS


At the end of October, an unusual scene appeared on the network where Kristi Panipchuk was filming in Alaska.

When he and his family were on the boat, they spotted a moose near their ship.

The elk is the largest member of the deer family, with a thin, horse-like skull, strong, weighing up to 20 kg, and often with shaved horns. Christie swam across the Alaska River and ran across the water near the elk.

Caters Clips,Youtube

The video quickly spread on the Internet and has been viewed by over a million people to date. Many viewers wonder how a moose can run on water if the author of the video is swimming in the same boat.

There were already jokes in the video that the moose had found Jesus and that someone had misspelled the word “moose”. They call it “Moses.”

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