A Man Rescues a Deer Stuck in a Frozen Pond and Wins a Hearts

January 6, 2021 ANIMALS VIDEOS


A man from the American state of Wisconsin released a video that surprised many with his good deeds.

He and a friend watched a poor deer in a frozen lake in great trouble.


The video was filmed in Cranmore, Wisconsin, USA, and we can trace the emergency rescue of a deer that invaded the building. He found himself in a frozen lake and did not know how to get out.

So, Gil Lancourt and John Moss approached the deer and tried to rescue him. Each time they tried to lift the deer to its feet, it slipped and fell again. Soon Gil found a way to save the deer as quickly as possible.

He put his hands on his body and pushed the deer straight across the ice to land on the ground. There, he escaped to safety and conquered many animal lovers on the Internet with video rescue.

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