A kind rescuer saves a dying puppy found on the side of the road and helps it recuperate in the most incredible way.

May 30, 2019 VIDEOS


Jenny Desmond, and her husband Jim, run a chimpanzee sanctuary in Liberia. One day, Jenny was riding down the road when she spotted a disheveled puppy. The dog was obviously in poor condition.

Jenny knew just by looking at the pup that he had an infection and was severely underweight. That’s when she confiscated the dog and took him back to the sanctuary. Jenny’s husband is a veterinarian, so he was able to determine that the puppy was starving and eating away at his own muscle.

Jim administered medication so that the poor animal would be able to eat and digest normally. Within days, his skin starts to get noticeably better. The dog’s fur is growing back and many of his open wounds heal.

The pup is soon named Snafu and he quickly makes friends with the other animals at the sanctuary. There’s even an adorable moment when a chimpanzee carries Snafu down the steps like a baby. In one year’s time, Snafu makes a complete recovery.

He has become a lively and lovable dog. Snafu even found his forever home in America with Jenny’s relatives. Thanks to this kind woman, Snafu is going to get all the love and attention that he deserves. This is such a perfect ending for this sweet puppy.

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