A goat Attacked a Police Car and Tried To Eat Paper Documents

September 15, 2020 VIDEOS


Video of a female police officer arriving from the US state of Georgia during a special operation.

While working, She parked her police car near the house and the attacker took cover.

The video from Douglas County, Georgia, USA, immediately spread across the Internet, lighting the day for many viewers. A female police officer came to the house to hand over the documents to the owners, leaving the police car door open.

A goat broke into a police car, and the female police officer found herself almost helpless in front of the stubborn animal. The goat also tried to eat documents left by the police officer in the passenger seat.

The police officers who posted the video online wrote that no one was hurt, but in the end everyone laughed. However, they added that they hope that viewers around the world will laugh at the stage.

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