A 15 Year old Guy Sounds Like an Audition for Michael Jackson for “The Girl Is Mine”

September 22, 2020 VIDEOS


Joel Gonsalves, a native of Brisbane, Australia, was very nervous before entering the competition . We used to only perform in front of family and friends, but now we are preparing to sing in a hall full of thousands!

“The 12-20 people who sang in front of me the most,” said Gonsalves.

“She’s no longer afraid to just say come on,” the host said as she watched the audition curtain with Joel’s family.

When he sang the lyrics, his voice must have sounded like young Michael Jackson. When the camera showed the reaction of the audience, it became clear that he won the hearts of all the girls in the audience. When Joel finished singing, the audience applauded him.

“Joel, I didn’t expect such a voice,” one of the judges said. “You were a little nervous and a little cold when you came out, and then this beautiful melody came out.”

Joel got a four yes from the judges. He immediately hugs and kisses his mother and sister to celebrate the great achievement.

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