93-Year-Old Finds The Love Of His Life After 70 Years!

January 14, 2017 VIDEOS


The couple in this video fell in love during World War II and lost touch with one another over the years. After seventy years apart, they were reunited and the love between them was rekindled. For a year, they were together often, enjoying one another’s company. Unfortunately, as you will learn in this video, Joyce Morris passed away a year after she was reunited with Norwood Thomas.

Norwood cannot keep the tears out of his eyes as he talks about the love of his life. After being in her arms, his heart is so saddened to have lost her. At least they were able to be reunited before her death! This video tells such a touching story so do not miss it. This is what true love is all about, it never ends or fades, even when distance parts a couple! Enjoy this beautiful video and Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

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