911 Operator Cleverly Helps Protect Terrified Teen After Intruders Break Into Her Home

September 19, 2018 VIDEOS


15-year-old teen, Doyin Oladipupo was at home alone when she heard intruders break into her home. Terrified, the young girl ran into her parent’s bedroom and hid in their closet. Luckily she had a phone with her to call 911.

On the other end was 12-year veteran police dispatcher Angie Rivera. Angie right away knew she had to keep Doyin calm as the intruders got closer and closer to where Doyin was hiding.

Hearing the voices of the thieves through the phone line, Angie signalled to Doyin not to talk, but instead tap on the phone to indicate “yes” or “no”.

With police on their way, Angie stayed on the phone to keep the teen calm. “When you’re talking to a child, the mother in me comes out,” said Angie.

Fortunately, police arrived and Doyin later told reporters she was incredibly grateful to Angie for keeping her calm through what was the most frightening moment of her life.

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