90-year-old Tortoise Restores New Life after Losing the Front leg

July 7, 2020 VIDEOS


Last winter, Ms. T., a 90-year-old tortoise, spent the winter in silence, attacking a rat that entered her cart.

Its owner, Jude Ryder, found his wounded pet and threw the turtle to a veterinarian, who was terrified. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to save Mrs. T’s front leg, British Telegraph reports.

Until his son Jude Ryder came up with a creative solution, his future looked bright. A mechanical engineer Ryder designed a type of wheelchair using an airplane wheel model.

He says the bike has a turbo boost award for its increased speed. Mrs. T. can go twice as fast as before. He was able to live another 50 years, so the bike matched exactly as prescribed by the doctor! Watch the video below to find out what Ms. T. does.

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