70-Year-old Woman returns to normal After Serious make-up returns



The introduction of large structural changes is exciting and frightening. You are not sure what the result will be. Remember that even a haircut can completely change your appearance. So many women who are accustomed to hairstyles, prefer to be with her for many years.

They are afraid to try new and fashionable hairstyles. Fear not, this is not the best thing for their appearance.

When it comes to makeovers, the attitude has a lot to do with it. And Barbara from Minneapolis was not sure how to deal with the situation that she was in. she met with Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, with a positive attitude and optimism. While not really liking her long gray hair, she said, “I’d really like to look how I feel inside, and this isn’t doing it.”

Yes, she is 70-years-old but she said that it is time to stop looking like her age. So with that in mind, The Makeover Guy knew exactly what to do. He has done countless of makeovers in the past, and Barbara is one of those that he really wanted to help.


She tells Christopher to be free in doing whatever looks he wanted to give her. She said that she’s all in with the new look!

With the power of his scissors and magical hands, he chopped her hair off and gave her a new look. While Barbara was looking ecstatic with the makeover, Christopher put his skills into action. He is a very talented individual when it comes to makeovers.

What did Barbara do? At first, she was afraid to change her appearance.

Christopher Hopkins a.k.a. The spinning guy is a genius. In addition to Barbara, she has worked with various women in the past. It is always successful. Thanks to her, Barbara is now better in her new look.

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