6 Dancers Grasp Hands On Stage But Instant Feet Start To Move Unique Clogging Routine Takes Internet By Storm

March 15, 2019 VIDEOS


You might not know it, but Canada’s culture is rich with fiddling and step dancing thanks to generations of immigrants hailing from Ireland, Scotland and France. Irish dancing is wildly popular at dance studios across the country and the young performers love to learn it. One clever twist on Irish dancing is to create and execute an acapella piece using the dancers’ very own clogging feet as the instrument that generates the sound.

With this style, the dancers altogether vary the sounds the metal taps on the bottom of their clogging shoes happen to make. They range from crisp and solid sounds to super light tapping. Sometimes the dancers are bringing out the same sound whereas in other sections of the choreography they break apart into sections.

The girls from Sue Fay Healy Irish Dance Studio in Ontario, Canada, perform the Irish dance acapella piece featured in the video below that’s incredible. They produce such a unique sound while clogging that it is as if you’re listening to a percussion piece. Not only are they fantastic to listen to, but they are also amazing to watch. Their moves are completely synchronized, sharp and stunning. Watch their routine in the video below and prepare to be impressed by how terrific they are!

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