5-Year-Old Begins To Sing Her Song, Then Dad Joins In And Melts Everyone’s Hearts

January 2, 2019 VIDEOS


I think it’s safe to say that everyone is familiar with the 5-year-old superstar Claire Ryann. This little girl has carved a very successful path for herself in the music and YouTube industry, and a lot of this has to do with her dad. In almost all her videos, the audience can see her dad make an appearance — he’s playing the guitar, singing along, or just in presence to support his daughter.

The video shared below is one in which both dad and daughter are singing together. The video starts in a beautiful spring setting — greenery and pretty pink flowers. Then, Claire begins to sing.

The song she sings is “Peace in Christ,” and it sounds absolutely magical. Although it’s obvious that Claire is a little kid, who is singing, you don’t find a voice like hers in a lot of children. She has a powerful presence on the screen and command on her pitch and tune. She doesn’t falter at any time, and you can tell, that even has a 5-year-old, she’s very confident. It’s also quite evident that the little girl loves to sing.


This performance takes a different, but welcomed, turn when her father joins in for a duet. Her dad’s voice is soothing and high-pitched. His octaves are the perfect complement to Claire’s child-like voice and together, the dad-daughter duo weave magic on screen.

Claire and her dad have sung together in the past, so this is no surprise, but the setting and song itself, are extra beautiful this time around.

So, be sure to enjoy their newest music video below!


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