12-year-old golden retriever is feeling lonely since sister died. So dad surprises him with brand new puppy

January 16, 2018 VIDEOS


Cash is definitely one of those who are selected as Santa’s “Good” boys this year. Why? Because he’s a Golden Retriever and it’s an enough reason.

However, this adorable pup has been feeling lonely – not only this year, but since 2014, when sadly his sister Rosie passed away. That’s why Santa wants to reward him in the best way ever.

Cash’s owner Jay and Marie Ahonen decided to give him an early Christmas gift and his reaction was the cutest ever.

In the video below, Jay walks in holding a big gift box which he carefully puts it on the floor for Cash to come and finds out.

When they thought of bringing a puppy home for Christmas, Marie said that he’d make a good present not only for Cash but for all of them.But “it just kind of piqued in my mind that this will be Cash’s present,” she added.

Cash walks up to the box and starts investigating. Then he becomes suddenly excited, which means he finally could figuring out what the box is containing.

When Cash popped the box open, the old dog instantly becomes like a joyful puppy, wiggling with excitement.

“He just got so excited and his paws were going a million miles an hour and I’m just so excited, like this is what he needed.”

Cash is so excited, it looks like he’s about to pounce on Jennings, after all, he has three years of playtime to catch up on! And honestly, who wouldn’t immediately want to befriend this puppy?!

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