10 Tricks Our Grandmothers Shared That Never Fail

March 10, 2019 VIDEOS


1. Rescue burnt saucepans using water and salt

We’ve all done it. Put something on the stove and forgotten it for just a bit too long. But put away the expensive cleaners—burnt saucepans are simple to clean using a hefty dose of salt water. Fill the pan with water, add salt, and put it on the boil for twenty minutes. The charred blackness will disappear.

2. Save dried nail varnish using varnish remover.

Yes, Grandma liked to save pennies, and never threw out old varnish if she could help it. Revamp that dry, thick varnish by shaking it with several drops of varnish remover.

3. Prevent boiled eggs from cracking with salt

She definitely accomplished a lot with simple household salt. Just put one heaped, large tablespoon in a boiling pot of water prior to putting the eggs in. Voila, perfectly boiled eggs with no cracks.

4. Use an elastic band to help your kid learn to write

No, it’s not some weird punishment. Rather, a way to help them grasp a pencil. Start by wrapping the elastic around the kid’s wrist and get them to hold their pen or pencil. Then, secure the band around the highest third of the pencil with a twist. Then, it should stop slipping around while they write.

5. Keep flowers fresh using Aspirin

Aspirin can keep your flowers from wilting much longer. Put half a tablet in vase water and allow it to dissolve. Put your flowers in once this is done; they’ll stay fresh for double the time. Now you can admire those gorgeous blooms for ages!


6. Soothe insect bites using potato.

Now, here’s a useful one for summer. If you find yourself bitten and itchy thanks to pesky bugs, there’s apparently a chemical in potato which can reduce swelling and calm it down somewhat. Grandma definitely knows best!

7. Use salt to remove stains

Dropped some food on your shirt? Gran’s here to help! The moment this happens, sprinkle some salt across the stain, and it will absorb it within moments.

8. Find your way around using your watch

Gran might have gotten a little lost every now and then, but never failed to get back home. How? It seems she used a watch to find her way. Turn your watch hour hand so it points at the sun. Then mentally halve the angle between the 1 pm (or am) mark and your hour hand. This imaginary line points to the south!

9. Lemon removes stains on your hands

Have you been chopping beetroot? Don’t fancy looking like a murderer? Simply cut a regular lemon in two, then rub it where your hands are stained. It will easily get rid of those stains.

10. Cut the perfect bread with a heated knife

We’ve all been there. You want toast, but that first cut turns your bread into a crumbly mess of, well, crumbs. Solve this by dipping your knife into boiling hot water prior to slicing, and you’ll find it’s much easier to cut. Problem solved!

Have you got tips from your gran that you’d like to share? How have these hacks helped you?

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