1-Yr-Old Girl Has Never Seen a Horse Before – Her Reaction When She Turns Around Melts Everyone’s Heart

June 18, 2018 VIDEOS


Horses are intelligent and beautiful creatures. Children think that they are whimsical creatures and as a result, they will do anything to play with the four-legged creatures.

A one-year-old blonde-haired girl has an unlikely best friend. The toddler and her mini horse way of bonding will melt your heart

The little girl minds her business in their backyard while her close companion, the miniature horse, is behind her. She is eating some ripe berries from the backyard, and then the miniature horse decides to do something that will leave you in stitches. The horse follows her wherever she goes. The presence of the horse behind causes the little girl to giggle. Fortunately, dad had a camera and filmed the hilarious encounter.

We watch as the girl is running around with the horse following her. The two run around, and the little girl continues giggling. At some point, they stop running, and the little girl pets her horse. However, mom issues a warning asking her to be careful. The bond between the two is undeniably strong. We hope they remain friends forever.

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